Who doesn’t love a fresh pasta salad on a hot summer day? The recipe is very easy to follow and you can experiment a lot with different veggies and type of pasta.
The summer pasta salad is pretty much a summer meal with a bunch of fresh ingredients all mixed up together.

The recipe is pretty simple to follow.

Here is what you will need :

-1/2 pack of pasta
-2 zucchini
-2 handfuls of green beans
-2 tomato
-sesame or miso salad dressing
-fresh parsley
-1/2 lemon

Cooking steps:

1. Boil the pasta and rinse it briefly under cold water. Grease lightly so it doesn’t stick and put it in the refrigerator to cool.

2. Cut all vegetables into pieces. Soak the vegetables. Start with the green beans because it takes the most time to cook. Then add the zucchini and finally the tomato. Add salt and pepper.

3. Allow sauteed vegetables to cool for about 15 minutes, but do not put them in the refrigerator yet.

4. Remove the pasta from the refrigerator and add the sauteed vegetables. Mix the pasta and the vegetables carefully.

5. Add the sesame/miso salad dressing and leave in the refrigerator until it cools (about an hour).

And that’s it. After just five easy steps you are done. The summer pasta salad is one of the most delicious and easiest to prepare dishes for any occasion.

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