Outdoor grill, no doubt, fun, and enjoyment for all, not many people see the importance of the external grill and the external risks of the barbecue can impose on many people involved. They are not aware that outdoor simple grills have caused many serious mishaps, some even fatal, many structural fires and many external fires. This contradicts the typical image of the outdoor grill, which should be fun for everyone.

Cover the grill with frying spray before placing it on the fire. Cover the food before roasting it with olive oil or vegetable oil to prevent sticking. Foods such as boned and breasted breasts need a thin layer of fat to be placed on the rack, then a metal spatula slips under the chicken about a minute later.

Also make sure that the grill is not near electrical cords, appliances or plugs since the exposure of these objects to extreme heat could cause them to explode and cause fires. A guide for the easiest guide to the field of barbecues is by no means to have it inside, it can be qualified as an outdoor grill, as the name itself currently indicates where it should be, within a lot of shots could force setbacks

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